A 3D rendering of a window built-in, detailing how the window, baseboard heat, and built-in storage will work together.
Hand in Hand

Planning and Craftsmanship

Located in Newburgh, NY, Jon Beer Contracting is a full service design/build firm that handles both residential and commericial building and renovation. We offer a variety of services including kitchen and bathroom renovation, custom carpentry and built ins, retail and commercial build outs, and historic restoration. We strive to deliver a quality product that is well designed and executed, providing use and happiness for years to come.

Our Process

Ready to get your project done on budget and on time?

We want to become ‘your’ contractor. To take on a project we have to have 3 things: Budget, Design, and Timeline. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in working together, schedule a paid consultation with us today. For $200 we will do a one hour site visit and provide a ballpark proposal for the project. In that meeting we will outline the project budget, scope of work, and timeline.

A sketch of a kitchen redesign, with valued ceilings and wooden bracket beams, an island, and wall storage.

Moving Forward

You’ve decided to work with us -- so what’s next? We take a 1% deposit to hold  your place in line and begin Pre-Construction planning. This is a paid service, billed at $70/hour to plan and price out every detail of your project, from finishes to subcontractors. This ensures 100% transparency for both parties - you will know where every dollar is being spent on your job. This will require having design drawings and/or architectural plans. If you don’t have those we can help connect you with the right people. 

Starting the build

We’ve done all our planning, got our permits, and now it’s time to start building! Construction begins and we will begin tracking all our hours and materials costs and billing per week. We will be comparing our progress to the budget we established during Pre-Construction to make sure we are on schedule and on budget. If the job goes faster than anticipated it costs less, and if something unexpected pops up we can take care of it without incurring change order fees.


We offer a one year warranty after the project is complete.